CRITICAL MESS – The Photography Magazine

CRITICAL MESS is a new photography magazine that aims to show photography lovers the best photo-related content we are able to create or find. The content will consist of curated material from various photographers: photography, articles, essays, tutorials.

This here is an open community so if you have something interesting to share you’re welcome to contact and show us your work. Photography is also about communication so even if you don’t know us personally it’s better to say hello than to remain alone in your corner thinking of what could have been like.

Everyone here is a normal person. Well, as normal as possible: photographers are a little stranger than everyone else. It means we can have a normal conversation and offer you the information you need or feedback on specific topics.

Because photography also means interaction there will be various events and face-to-face meetings, photowalks or just having a beer.

I decided to keep this magazine in English even if most of the events and photographers are based in Romania. But having so many nice people abroad it was a pity to establish language limitations.

Last of all photography means support and that’s where you, the reader of this magazine come into the spotlight. By supporting us you keep this site alive to bring you and everyone else more interesting content and support you back. You can support by sharing, by attending the workshops or by small donations via paypal. If you have another thing in mind, we are open for collaborations. We thank you – in advance – for your support.

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