Paul Musescu – s1xte6n (I)

About two years ago I was preparing for another meeting with Clasa de Fotografie in the old Allkimik attic. I went to get a coffee from Alex at the bar and I saw a weird looking fellow, about 2 meters high with a huge metal camera in his hand. Nothing strange so far except the guy was very young. Usually you don’t expect someone young to shoot film on such old cameras. So I asked if he actually shoots with that camera and what was his age. We started talking. He asked about the meeting we were having and I invited him to sit with us while we talked about diagonals, colors and photogenic subjects.

During the meetings with Clasa de Fotografie we talked a lot in our small group about things like composition, rules, do’s and dont’s in photography, trends but most of all about classic photos and our own photos. Not exactly your usual photography workshop content but nobody is perfect, right? During this time I asked for feedback on the things presented there as I strongly believe one must attend to the interest of the “class” while maintaining the structure in place. Feedback was received, assimilated, integrated. From everyone else but Paul.

Paul Musescu s1xte6n 07
© Paul Musescu from “s1xte6n” photobook

Paul Musescu is a quiet guy. Pretty weird for a 16 yo. And shoots film. Weirder. And he started liking Bresson and Koudelka and Moriyama. The weirdness level was now at maximum level.

When I asked him about the content of the meetings I was not expecting a good feedback or any kind of feedback. What I got in return was one of the most sincere and positive feedback in a long time. It felt good that someone was discovering photography.

Later on, after some arguments, unfriending and friending and other social network drama we’ve met at Oitzarisme 2015 exhibition and started talking about projects. He told me he wanted to publish a photobook. I laughed.

I already knew he had in mind to make a handmade photobook with analog printed photos, in a very limited edition. That idea was very expensive. Another alternative could have been Blurb – good quality but not suitable for more than 5 copies due to price and printing variations.

The initial PDF dummy photobook done by Paul was… not good. But the story was intriguing and the pictures were impressive. He asked for my opinion and later on, my assistance, to tell his story. So we embarked on this weird journey in telling a story of a sixteen year old boy with a film camera.

Paul Musescu s1xte6n 08
© Paul Musescu from “s1xte6n” photobook

(end of part I)

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