Christophe Le Toquin – The Northernmost Town

“My work on Hammerfest (Norway) took place in the context of a residence in Alta in the agency “Verte Landskap AB” (landscape agency). This city is proud to be the northernmost town in the world. If there are many places to live further north, Hammerfest has 8,000 inhabitants and is therefore entitled to town status. While enjoying a certain softness due to the Gulf Stream, this place is still marked by a very cold climate and the significant presence of snow. It is this dimension that interested me in this work by focusing on the two major components of a subarctic landscape. The omnipresence of the snow which clears all contrast and the very long shadows, due to the sun still low on the horizon.

The photographs were taken on the peninsula of Fuglenes, mixed area that includes all the elements of a place of life: industry, schools, shops, housing estates, and of course surrounded by the sea. The choice of these topics, common to any living area, avoids anecdotal dimension to focus on the recognition elements that allow everyone to identify a location. Here, it is the climate that produces the difference and the use of black and white helped amplify this monochrome in which only remains readable the grayscale values. This work has been exhibited at the VERK Gallery in Hammerfest and has also been published by The Velvet Cell in the collection “Chronicles”. – Christophe Le Toquin

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Christophe Le Toquin – “Born in 1963, I have been graduated in photography from Louis Lumière School in Paris in 1989. I have spent years working in social concerned photography, mainly with disabled people, being photographer for a few French institutions. 1995 was a turning point with a new job which make me consider landscape with new considerations. The territories development influences the way we daily live, thus, the portrait of our environment could say a lot about ourselves. This is what I have been  working on for the last few years.”

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