Bogdan Turtoi – Naked Vama Veche

“Vama Veche is a village in the extreme south east of Romania. In summer time, the beaches are highly congested and night time freedom and nonconformity diverse music lovers and alcohol, reaches its peak. My project shows image of Vama Veche outside the summer season, when the beaches are empty, beach bars are closed, few tourists staying in tents, and still see remnants of summer.” – Bogdan Turtoi

bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-01 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-06 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-03 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-02bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-07 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-15 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-14 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-12bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-16 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-18 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-19 bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-27bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-31bogdan-turtoi-naked-vama-veche-29

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