Brian JC Osborne – Spaces and Some Faces

“I was looking to capture faces with a story, a history . Happiness or sorrow. I am amazed how some people are either happy souls or not. The eyes generally don’t lie. My eye is also attracted to open space, angles, colours and texture. In this project I am looking to capture the human element in an interesting space” – Brian JC Osborne

osborne1 osborne2 osborne3 osborne4osborne5 osborne6 osborne7 osborne9osborne10 osborne11 osborne15 osborne16


“Born and raised in sunny South Africa, I moved to Europe (Cyprus) 10 years ago. It was only then when I picked up a camera . Taking it everywhere, even if I pop down to corner shop, to purchase milk, you never know. I am inspired by the greats, HCB, Alex Webb and Steve McCurry. I am still learning and yearning for that incredible photograph.



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