Tamas Bernath – Filling the Gaps

“From 2010 to 2011, having finished our studies, and feeling the need to get away for a while before settling down, my girlfriend and I spent a year in a life-sharing community in Ireland. We lived and worked with people with special needs.These photos are a record of that year.” – Tamas Bernath

tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-01 tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-02 tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-03 tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-08tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-09tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-10tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-11tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-12tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-13tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-14tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-16tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-17tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-18tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-19tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-20tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-22tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-23tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-24tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-25tamas-bernath-filling-the-gaps-26

“My name Tamas Bernath (b. 1985). I live in Budapest, Hungary. The camera allows me to follow my intuition, to capture what is meaningful to me. As a result, I don’t look for locations to photograph. Instead, I photograph where I actually am.”
See the full series at photographer’s website, alongside other projects: http://tamasbernath.com/
If you like the project you can purchase the printed version (56 pages/Softcover/20×14 cm/Colour laser print; Handmade, Hand-numbered, First edition of 50 copies sold out.; Second edition of 50 copies available; Price: 10 € + shipping)

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