Yaniv Waissa – Observed and Preserved

“I find myself wandering around in a constant journey through the urban landscape. The act of photography has always been a form of meditation for me. Through the camera the city’s’ background sounds disappear and I become one with the scenery, learning all of its’ tiny details that are normally ignored by most people who’d rather keep staring at their phones.

My works lack the presence of people but are full of human presence. We are constantly leaving trails, both physical and trails that become memories. The images seem quiet, Images that preserve lifeless moments but it is in that silence that my senses come to life.

I open my own private album of images and my bag of memories in hope to provoke the viewer to do the same. The images bring back childhood memories, the smell of comforting dishes being cooked and sounds of careless, naive times and preserve a reality and an imagination that are combined together to tell a story anyone can relate to from their own prospective.” Yaniv Waissa

Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_02 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_03 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_04 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_05Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_07 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_08 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_11 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_12Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_14 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_22 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_23 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_24Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_25 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_27 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_28 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_29Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_31 Yaniv Waissa_Observed and Preserved_32

Yaniv Waissa was born in Haifa, Israel in 1978. He got his degree in photography and digital media at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem in 2004. After college, he continued to study photography in a post graduate program at the Musrara School in 2007. Since then he has been exhibiting in several solo and group exhibitions around the world and also published in international magazines. He is currently based in Or Akiva, Israel.

Website and full project: http://waissa.com/. Also available in print from The Unknown Books
Observed and Preserved – Yaniv Waissa
A5; 36 pages; Edition of 50; 15 Special copies with an 10×15 cm print; 35 Regular copies; Numbered
Black and White Digital Print; Inside Paper – Splendorgel Extra White 100 gr; Cover Paper -Splendorgel Extra White 300gr; 7,00 € + shipping (Regular Edition) 10,00 € + shipping (Special Edition)

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