Carma Casula – Peter

“A rapprochement with Russia, with this country that is as old as it young, since it was only born in 1991 on the foundations of the broken-up Soviet Union, the mighty USSR, now 25 years ago. Peter, or Piter, the nickname given to Saint Petersburg, Petrograd or Leningrad – depending on how the authorities decide to change its name– by its citizens, has pivotal importance in the development of the country’s political and intellectual events to this old imperial capital born of hatred towards Moscow. More provincial and less sophisticated, she is experiencing a recovery of that old splendor that made it famous after years of government neglect. She is the bridge with Europe, very much supported by the figure of Vladimir Putin who was born there.

Has two wire conductors that are intertwined and complement. One, more urban, continues my travels by the city and the experience of overflowing with beauty and riches in its monumental center with aromas of the old continent, it is the tourist heart of the country to which Pilgrim almost with devotion the people Russian. Meanwhile, while in their austere Soviet peripheries are interspersed with the new blocks brought into being by a voracious urban development speculation. And very much marked by the Leningrad Blockade.

Another layout for my stops, more private, goes into its social fabric forming another “city map” through its people and homes knowing at the time that their lives the issues more interested or concerned. Between lectures they have provided to qualify their most intimate place of Peter and the most precious object, to which have greater attachment or that best defines them, synthesized in a triptych portrait accompanied by the Colloquium. CITIZENS of Peter.

Also, includes ORTHODOX, cathedrals and churches than during the Socialist Revolution were socialized, abandoned, desecrated, and used as stores, theaters, dance clubs, morgues, swimming pools. With the advent of Perestroika (1991), began to retrieve his cult.

In this period the shelves filled with food and the streets with cars, the price of transport for Russians and foreigners was made the same. Language schools, malls, vehicle and house insurance firms cropped up, hotels, hostels, and the gap between these major cities with the rest of the country was accentuated.” – Carma Casula

Carma Casula (Barcelona 1966) is Visual Artist and Photographer free-lance and PhD in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 2011, specialized in Photography in the Istituto Europeo di Design IED of Milan (IT). Full bio here:

PETER – Carma Casulá
RM Verlag, Barcelona 2016
Photo, Text & Edition: Carma Casulá
Design: Carma Casulá & Astrolab Estubio by La Troupe
Prepress: Víctor Garrido by La Troupe
Printed in Spain: Brizzolis
144 photograps
236 pages
17 x 22 cm
English & Español
ISBN 978-84-16282-72-2
PVP: 35 €


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