Ekaterina Vasilyeva – After the Firebird

“My story begins long time ago when my grandmother and grandfather, both from the Pskov region (Russia), met in Leningrad (St. Petersburg now), got married and stayed there for the rest of their life. But it could have turned out very different. I, now a modern city dweller, could have been born among those flowering fields and hard-working people.

In his village, my grandfather used to be called a gypsy because he could predict the approaching of someone’s death. As for himself, he always knew that he would survive two wars and would’t be injured.
And so it happened. Concerning my grandmother, he said that she would outlive him by exactly ten years. The prediction also came true.

Over the last six years that I have been documenting people from the small village Andrushino in Pskov region, I have been subconsciously looking for overt or covert manifestations of people’s magic. I think
that it is as much a part of our being, as history and geography. Faced with a fabulous world of folklore you soon realize that it is rooted in a totally real ground and that all the beliefs and superstitions, charms and rituals, tales and fables are not just a warehouse of archetypes of the collective unconscious, but an
immediate response of the collective soul to the mysterious currents of the natural elements.” – Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Ekaterina Vasilyeva is an independent photographer from St. Petersburg (Russia), working at the intersection of the genre, documentary and art photography. Ekaterina Vasilyeva in most of project explores the theme of a particular place (space, territory, it changes in the context of time and historical landmarks, environment problems, interaction with human activity, personal relationship and the myths of the place.

Website: http://www.ekaterinavasilyeva.ru/

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