Dora Marian – Urban Cigarettes

“March 17th, 2016. This date marked the fateful day when smoking in enclosed public spaces was officially banned in Romania. I say “fateful” because, although it was announced a couple of months before, this law still came as a surprise for the majority of smokers who bombarded the social media and fought till their last breath with the government thinking that somehow they could prevent this evil from happening. It was of no avail. Romania could finally rise, proud as a peacock, and say “See? We’re thoughtful Europeans, we take care of our citizens!”, needless to say that it is one of the last countries in Europe to apply a no-smoking policy.

The next day, the crowd of angry smokers woke up to find out that their beloved vice was forbidden in any space with a ceiling and at least two walls, which meant pretty much all the places that they attended on a daily basis. And so, as a result, the streets of Bucharest started seeing more of their community of smokers, people having to step outside for a smoke. As the restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, offices were still sitting in a corner, recovering from the shocking loss of a number of customers, they failed to provide the annoyed outside-smokers with any kind of a container for the finished cigarettes. So, the city welcomed the community of cigarette butts.

One walk around the Old City and you will be amazed and intrigued by all the hidden little places that have a cigarette stuffed inside or by the “gangs” of cigarette butts that somehow, on a second look, actually resemble people and their interactions. So you start imagining and creating the stories of the people who enjoyed that smoke a couple of minutes, hours, days ago.” – Dora Marian

near Ministry of Justice
close to the University, after exams
near Bomb squad training grounds
outside OCD Treatment Clinic
near Conservatory
near kids playground
at Vama Veche, on a rainy day
outside the Pillow Factory
outside church, after mass
on the side of the Highway
outside of massage parlor
outside of a punk concert
just outside of Haven’s Gates
in the forest
close to the Smoking Rehab clinic
near a pig slaughterhouse
outside marriage counselor office
outside a pub after a long night
inside tennis court
near the country border
near a hair and beauty salon
outside a travel agency to Greece
near Marketplace
near benches, senior area in park
outside a sushi restaurant
near corporate offices
after a huge thunderstorm
near a kite flying contest
near Police Academy firing range

Bio: “I finished college at the National University of Arts Bucharest, with a BA degree in Graphics. I entered university with an enthusiasm regarding any artistic direction and left it with the same excitement, only now I am focusing more on digital art, graphic design and photography. I find that these artistic forms offer endless possibilities and therefore I test out whatever comes to my attention, from poster designs, infographics and logo designs to packaging, page layouts or book covers, using vector graphics, as well as photography.”


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