Philip Charrier – Dawn

“Whenever I can I rise at 4AM and drive a new road. My camera is ready at the door. The first hour is pitch black and I listen to the radio. As the sky lightens the waiting is over. I need a good spot to shoot the new day. At last I pull over, the decision made. “Shoot now” I tell myself “or you’ll miss it. Don’t think, just shoot.”

Before long my shooting is displaced by the occasion of the rising sun. It always hits like a tidal wave. The sunrise is a purification; an absolution. I am alive for another day.

I love these photographs because they take the eye deep into the distance. There is no thought, no meaning. The road is open, and so is my life. What I can’t see in the vast interior of these pictures is perhaps where I will be standing for tomorrow’s sunrise.” – Philip Charrier

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Short bio: Philip Charrier teaches history at the University of Regina, Canada. He writes about modern Japanese photography and experiments with his camera to better understand the countless ways that images produced with a machine can become art. “I feel most alive when taking pictures,” he says. “I have heard about dying photographers clinging to their cameras. That will surely be me.”

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