Alexandru Arseniu Badea – Street 101

“Street 101 is the project where I was obsessing over black and white photography and the philosophy of it. Of course all this is subjective but I tried to show what, in my vision, black and white means and what the streets are.
In case I am not clear enough and my photos do not explain it well enough here are some key points I wanted to hit.
-Black and white does not mean grey. It is BLACK and WHITE and a bit of filler grey.
-Street photography is personal, as all art should be, but ‘’the streets’’ offer you the flexibility to do whatever you want, to go wild, be creative. It’s like this, if fashion, product, event photography tend to follow trends and leave very little room to be creative, street photography is a license to kill.
I strive to push the boundaries of art, as all should do, if we all let loose in our work we can all benefit, because let’s be honest we all steal from our peers.” – Alexandru Arseniu Badea

My name is Alexandru Arseniu Badea and I am a digital painter.On the side I also do photography.

Today’s visual content that surrounds us TV, internet and art are meant to shock you. Click baits, ‘’unbelievable’’ news-titles and even art has become something a ’’stay at home mother’’ does. You look at it and in 2 minutes you understand it, you move on and forget about it. The kind of work that I do will NOT ‘’blow your mind’’ or ‘’stupefy you’’.

I take hundreds of pictures and place them carefully in order to create what I call a ‘’picture painting’’. Of course you may associate this with photocollages, or choose to look beyond it.

Inspired by cubism, pointillism and post impressionism, I create images that challenge the brain to fill in the missing gaps of what it sees. Look from far away, take your time with it, have a cup of tea and really look. Don’t rush it, see what you feel.

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