Colin Pantall – All Quiet on the Home Front

“When Isabel was a baby I had a dream. In the dream it was Christmas. We lived above a pub in a single room crammed with old pub furniture. In one corner was a Christmas tree. It had real candles, all of which were balanced precariously on the tree’s branches. It also had electric lights which were plugged into the socket using bare, sparking wires. And instead of sitting in a bowl of water, it sat in a bowl of acid.

That sense of claustrophobia, morbidity, and anxiety is apparent in All Quiet on the Home Front. It is a reflection of the fears that sat deep within me all when I became a parent; the fear of my daughter’s death, my own death, and my built in obsolescence and redundancy as a parent. To escape this claustrophobia, the banging off the walls and the endless ‘playing’, I took Isabel outside into the landscapes around our home in Bath. The woods of Brown’s Folly, growing out of the contours of an old stone mine, the scrappy bmx track built on the banks of the River Avon, and the Celtic hilltop of Solsbury Hill became our playground. These are the landscapes where both Isabel and I found ourselves and this book tells that story. It’s the story of becoming a child and becoming a father. It’s a self-portrait.” Colin Pantall

All Quiet on the Home Front
by Colin Pantall
Printing: Full colour Offset on 170grs Munken
Polar and 120grs Straw Cream
Binding: Exposed stitching. Soft cover.
Size: 250 x 200 mm
Extent: 112 pages
Published by ICVL Studio
Editing: Alejandro Acin & Colin Pantall
Design: Alejandro Acin
Production: PurePrint
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-64136-958-9

Colin Pantall is a writer, lecturer and photographer based in Bath, England. His photographic work focusses on his immediate domestic environment. He writes for a range of publications including The British Journal of Photography and Foam Magazine. He has curated events at the Photobook Bristol and Gazebook Sicily Festivals and is currently co-writing and editing Magnum China. All Quiet on the Home Front is his first photobook, one of an eventual quartet of books that look at how the personal, environmental and historical intersect with family histories.

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