Photobook of the Month – John Myers – Middle England

So here is Middle England, a book of photographs by John Myers, an English photographer who remained widely unknown, until the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham decided to show his work in 2011. He was quite active during the 70’s and mainly interested in social issues. According to him, his work can be divided in some main categories: portraits, televisions, substations,

Photobook of the Month – Mario Giacomelli – Under the Skin of Reality

Back in 2015 with this book that seems to have rather passed unnoticed and yet is a real jewel. Like the so-called « book poor », Mario Giacomelli could be described as a « photographer poor », as his concerns were far removed from the technicality of the devices. What interested him above all was the poetry which emerged from the moments photographed, and,

Photobook of the Month – Ken Grant – A topical times for these times

Ken Grant is an English photographer originated and living in Liverpool. Ken Grant started photography in the 80s and its main focus was and remains his hometown. So of course, when talking about Liverpool, it is common that football comes in mind. Liverpool has changed from a major port of the British empire to a city affected by de-industrialization with