Here’s a list of personal picks from the Romanian photobooks pool, as of 22.03.2018.


Victor Boldâr – 07.05.75 Impresii. Henri Cartier-Bresson in Oltenia
“7 may 1975 – Victor Boldâr, Nicu Dan Gelep and Mihai Dan Calinescu were about to accompany Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martine Franck through a photographic journey in Oltenia, Romania. Their journey was documented and years later has turned into a photobook.”




Cosmin Bumbuț – Bumbata
“A photo album with images shot by Cosmin Bumbuț between 2005 and 2008 in Aiud Maximum Security Penitentiary, Romania and texts handwritten by the prisoners. The photos depict details of the everyday life in prison: detainees studying in the library, practicing sport, working, writing poetry, exhibiting their tatoos, with their wifes, after the private visits or before the liberation.”




Costica Acsinte – Foto Splendid volume one “Social Life”
“Costică Acsinte (stage-name of Constantin Axinte, born on 4th of July 1897, Perieți, Ialomița county — deceased on 7th of January 1984, Slobozia) was a romanian war photographer active in World War I and after.”




Zaharia Cușnir – Lumea lui Zaharia






coperta_flashback_11 coperta_flashback_22

Florin Andreescu – Flashback 1&2






Andrei Pandele – Fotografii interzise si imagini personale






Michele Bressan, Bogdan Girbovan – R.A.P.I. (Romanian Archaeological Photography Index) The duo, Michele Bressan / Bogdan Girbovan, take up the “magnets” myth (locals from Romanian villages that are situated near the WW2 areas, who recovered remains from the battlefields as to benefit from selling them to metal recyclers), in order to structure a photographic index and offer new historical information.


And here are some more Romanian photobooks you should check out. (the list is regularly updated, latest items marked with “>”)

Finally, some photobooks I had the privilege to work on.

© Paul Musescu, s1xte6n" photobook

Paul Musescu – s1xte6n
“The photobook “s1xte6n ” represents the photographic journey imagined by Paul Musescu throughout his 16 years of existence. The experiences are essentialized then captured in black and white images full of emotions and subtle symbols revealing themselves to the viewer at every step into this journey.


Oliver Merce – The Anatomy of Decay
“Through the 111 black and white photos in “The Anatomy of Decay” Oliver Merce is creating a visual documentation of a history swept under the rug, annihilated, together with its forgotten tragedies. The photos are picketing in a very discreet and inflexible manner the collective memory of “Crivina” and “New Town” neighborhood, belonging Anina City. A powerful story on post-industrialism.

Note: Please feel free to email me to add any additional information on the listed photobooks as some store links or sites are no longer available. The list was created based on the actual paper-based photobooks and not on ebooks, pdfs. Any addition to the list will be done similarly. Please note this is just a list, not a top; its purpose is to add visibility to the listed title.

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