Photobook of the Month – Pino Musi – Acre

Pino Musi is an excellent photographer of architecture, who reminds me the great talented Gabriele Basilico. The work published in this book is the result of an artist’s residence at the Gwinzegal editions in Guingamp, Côtes d’Armor, in 2016. Côtes d’Armor is a department located in the north of Brittany, in the west of France. This territory is essentially agricultural

Philip Charrier – Last Train from Shinjuku – A Journey to Masahisa Fukase

Sometimes ago I came across a very interesting study of a great photobook, a journey to explore the origin of Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens, done by Philip Charrier – he teaches history at the University of Regina, Canada and writes about modern Japanese photography but also experiments with his camera. Below you can find a few excerpts from the essay. Text and photos,