Philip Charrier – Last Train from Shinjuku – A Journey to Masahisa Fukase

Sometimes ago I came across a very interesting study of a great photobook, a journey to explore the origin of Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens, done by Philip Charrier – he teaches history at the University of Regina, Canada and writes about modern Japanese photography but also experiments with his camera. Below you can find a few excerpts from the essay. Text and photos,

Photobook of the Month – Mario Giacomelli – Under the Skin of Reality

Back in 2015 with this book that seems to have rather passed unnoticed and yet is a real jewel. Like the so-called « book poor », Mario Giacomelli could be described as a « photographer poor », as his concerns were far removed from the technicality of the devices. What interested him above all was the poetry which emerged from the moments photographed, and,